Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or need assistance choosing a floor mat, please contact our professional staff any time! We’re here to help!

As a general rule, shoes require contact with a quality door mat at least three times larger to remove 80% of the dirt and debris from the shoe bottoms. Ideally, this would be approximately 12 to 15 linear feet of matting. The closer to this you can get, the more effective your matting program will be at reducing maintenance costs, floor repairs and potential accidents. For best results, use entrance matting outside with outdoor entrance mats, and follow up inside with indoor entrance mats.
All mat orders that yield $100 or more will ship free to your facility. We use UPS and FedEx Ground as our primary shipping providers. We’re happy to pay the shipping costs for you.
The technique used when manufacturing your logo mat, whether it’s deep-dyed or inlaid, will determine the mat's long-term appearance. All of our logo mats are fabricated from UV stable fibers and deep saturated dyes to provide years of use and a great appearance. High Traffic Logo, Aqua Hog Inlay and High Definition Logo mats are great replacement options for your dull, worn out floor mats. They come with a 1 to 3 year warranty against fading and premature aging, or we’ll replace them free of charge. Keep in mind mats must be cleaned regularly to maintain a new appearance.
Most of our logo mats are made and shipped within approximately 7 to 10 working days from approval of our free color art proof of your design.
All of our floor mats are designed to resist mold and mildew. Retained moisture in the mat is the main reason for mildew growth. If your mats become saturated with water, you should hang them in a vertical position to drip dry. If a vertical rail is not available, turn them upside down on a concrete surface and allow the moisture to be absorbed onto the concrete. Non-absorbent (rubber) mats like Super Scrape or Rubber Fingertip are great alternatives to carpet top mats as they will not become mildewed when wet.
Rubber backing on mats like Aqua-Hog Diamond or Aqua-Hog Classic are best for preventing any interaction with floor finishes. Certain types of floor finishes react to the vinyl backings of some of our floor mats. To avoid this, it's best to purchase a mat with a quality rubber back like High Traffic Ulti-Mat or Aquahog Diamond.
Slips and falls are the number one causes of injuries in the workplace. Tracked-in water from outdoors often creates hazardous conditions at entranceways. Having entrance mats both indoors and outdoors is the best way to this avoid this problem. Super Scrape or Weathertamer used outside for heavy snow and moisture, and High Traffic Ulti-Mat inside will effectively address the hazards of wet, slippery floors.
Standing on cold, ridged surfaces for extended periods of time restricts blood flow and creates tension and stress in the legs and lower back area. Fatigue is the result of oxygen and nutrient deficiency to the muscles. Resilient anti-fatigue mats like Hog Heaven or Carpet Top Anti-Fatigue help increase blood circulation to the muscles, relieving stress and fatigue.
The carpet fiber type, fiber face weight (oz./sq. yd.) and surface pattern are the three key elements that affect the performance of an entrance door mat. Soft, plush olefin fibers in Storm Front Olefin absorb moisture, while coarse thick fibers and waffle patterns found in Aqua-Hog Classic are effective for brushing dirt away from shoes. Entrance door mats that have a combination of fine and heavy fibers with deep, strong surface patterns like Aqua-Hog Diamond or High Traffic Ulti-Mat are extremely effective for both moisture and dirt control.
The main reason your mats move a lot when people walk on them has to do with your floor surface and the mat bottoms. Smooth and gripper mat bottoms will determine how much mat movement (also known as "creeping") you will experience. Gripper bottom mats like Aqua-Hog Diamond help stabilize mats on loop pile carpets. Smooth back mats like High Traffic or Super Scrape are best used on smooth surfaces like tile or concrete. Gripper backings are most effective when used on top of carpeted floors, while smooth backs are best on hard surfaces. Try not to mix up the two combinations. If you have questions about which mat bottom is right for you, ask us for assistance.
To prevent a slip accident from happening, it’s best to use a quality rubber, anti-slip mat. Our Comfort Flow drainage mats or Cushion Classic Kitchen Mats are the perfect solutions for keeping feet off of wet floors and on an anti-slip, high-traction rubber surface.
Our heavy duty industrial anti-fatigue mats like Hog Heaven Rubber or Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue are excellent options for tough industrial locations. They are super comfortable and extremely durable, engineered to relieve fatigue and withstand the rigors of a manufacturing facility.