Logo Mats

A high-quality logo mat gives your company name and product brands a constant, high-impact visual presence in the marketplace. The mats are made using your custom graphic with the finest materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, for beautiful graphic reproduction and durability. You get an attractive custom design with the superior function and performance of a quality logo mat, all in one great product.

Indoor Logo Mats
Indoor logo mats give your product brand or company’s name an attractive presentation in front of entrances or counters, while complementing merchandise displays. They’re designed to provide both the look and performance of a custom-designed logo mat. You’ll be able to promote your company, improve safety and reduce maintenance costs–all in one high-impact, colorful product.

Outdoor Logo Mats
Outdoor logo mats are a dynamic way to enhance your company’s image and improve the marketing efforts of your products, with a strong visual presentation. Mat-Tech offers the widest variety of custom logo mats available, guaranteeing you’ll choose the right logo mat product. Our state-of-the-art printing processes will capture your design perfectly for an eye-catching graphic. Attract attention, send a message or make a marketing statement wherever your custom logo mats are placed.

Message Logo Mats
Durably-constructed, message logo mats are predesigned logo mats that make an important statement while performing a tough maintenance job. Use our predesigned message logo mats to easily communicate a variety of predesigned messages, at an economical price. They can convey a warm welcome to visitors, or make a safety statement to employees and motivate them. Message mats can give direction to office personnel or even guide customers to the desired location within a store or office. Predesigned and ready to work for you, our message mats are both cost effective and functional, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing accidents.

Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats
Anti-fatigue logo mats relieve fatigue for employees who have to be on their feet for extended periods of time, adding an additional level of comfort and safety, while promoting your product brand in the workplace. You get two benefits in one functional product: customized, vivid logo graphics with anti-fatigue stress relief.

tech print logo mat application

Deep-dyed logo designs will not fade or wear off. Vibrant and durable.

high definition logo mat

Best Quality Logo Mats Available. Superior Print Capabilities. Premium Rubber Backing and Edging Available.

custom shapes logo mats

Shapes and patterns add interest to your mat.

high traffic mat with logo

Extra heavy duty construction handles the toughest locations.

Dirt and debris is hidden below the walking surface.

traffic mat with logo

Indoor/outdoor logo mat with a color stable Berber pattern surface.

velvet logo mat

Velvet-like graphics for crisp logo designs.

rubber graphic logo mat

Weatherproof & Slip Resistant. Picture Quality Graphics. All Rubber Logo Mat.

3D molded designs, indoor/outdoor use.

media mat with logo

Picture quality, low profile, moveable floor graphic.

mat with logo

Photo quality images for promotional concepts.

maxi mat with logo

Extra-large size, promotional carpet.

super cushion anti fatigue logo mat

Our most comfortable anti-fatigue logo mat.

anti fatigue

High quality images on a comfy anti-fatigue mat.